History of the SEN Design Group

SEN Design Group was founded in August of 1994 by Ken Peterson, CKD, as the kitchen and bath industry’s first and largest buying group. Prior to this launch, Peterson had clocked 23 years as a kitchen/bath dealer in Connecticut, having grown a small family business into four locations with revenues of over $4.2MM at 51.5% gross profit margins. Along the way, he created a selling system to get quickly retained on projects, wrote two 250-page operations manuals to train and manage a growing staff, personally developed over a dozen successful sales designers, and served as NKBA’s youngest national president.

By the early 1990s, when there was a severe recession and big boxes were gaining a significant share of kitchen/bath market, a number of kitchen dealers turned to Peterson for business management advice and assistance. It was out of this consulting business that his vision for a buying group was formed where members, by focusing on the sale of products from select vendors offering group buying rates, could better their bottom lines. Additionally, Peterson saw the SEN Design Group as the perfect vehicle to leverage all the knowledge he had gained - and management/marketingsystems developed – so members could dramatically reduce the learning curve to successful business expansion and gross profit growth.

Peterson added select, experienced individuals from the kitchen/bath industry to serve in vendor relations, membership, and education. In 2008, his was the first industry-specific organization to introduce a weekly business coaching service. Today, with a successful blend of industry veterans and corporate expertise in marketing, accounting, and business management, the SEN Design Group executive team is poised to serve the industry for many decades to come.