Kitchen and Bathroom Education by SEN

The SEN Design Group offers an array of educational and business coaching services to assist your company and its employees in reaching their full potential. For every one person who is interested in SEN for buying power, another is interested in kitchen and bath education. We believe that education and coaching is a fundamental part of a successful business and it is our passion to make our members stronger, smarter, business people.

Education Just Ahead

Our kitchen and bath educational services include Sales and Management Training online, Management & Marketing Business School,  as well as Boot Camps that are available to be held in remote locations. These services provide guidance to dealers in the industry through reputable kitchen education and bathroom education programs. All are tailored to members of the industry and we are certain there is a program that will fit your needs! There are also two Semi- Annual Conferences held each year across the country hosted by SEN. Each kitchen and bath conference gives members the opportunity to have one-on-one time with vendors, connect with other members, and gain supplemental knowledge through workshops and speakers. These pieces of education are formulated for the success of each participating company.

In addition to kitchen and bath education, Business Coaching is a key component of membership at SEN and is useful for any decision maker of a Kitchen and Bath Dealer. Our Business Advisers are educated, supportive, and insightful in the workings of firms in the industry.