Business Coaching

SEN Design Group understands that no two kitchen and bath design firms are exactly the same, and that despite any similarities, successful business development is an individual journey.

We are the only industry organization that has a Licensed Professional Business Coach (LPBC) on staff.  John Lang, SEN’s LPBC, along with our bath and kitchen business advisors, arm you with the knowledge and expertise to achieve your goals – and improve your overall business. SEN’s kitchen and bath business advisors work with you weekly to help you better understand and control your business. Our business development tools and coaching includes but is not limited to:

Financial Budgeting and Price Formula

The key to any successful business is developing a budget that works toward growth. SEN’s bath and kitchen business consulting team formulates the best pricing structure to attain profit margins that keep your business fiscally healthy.

Strategic Plan & Exit Strategy

Do you own your business or just work there? What will become of your hard work when it’s time to retire? Is your business healthy enough to sell? SEN’s bath and kitchen business advisors help you achieve your short- and long-term financial goals.

QuickBooks Chart of Accounts

QuickBooks can help you manage your business, but only if it is set up correctly. Our accounting professionals assist in setting up your chart of accounts, customized for the industry and your firm.

Management & Marketing Manual 

Alongside our trained kitchen and bath business advisors, SEN’s comprehensive Management and Marketing Manual provides you with information on the intricacies of our industry and puts your business on the path to success.