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Kitchen & Bath Education 

SEN continuously strives to provide the best in kitchen and bath education and coaching for its members. From kitchen design basics to business management practices, SEN education covers all aspects of running a successful dealership. With a dedicated full-time business coach, SEN is able to offer monthly business coaching services on a variety of topics including creating a profit plan, increasing gross profit margin, and more. For more information on dedicated coaching, contact us today.

Current educational classes are outlined below. 


This program is strictly for entry level personnel to fill the Design Assistant and, eventually, the Sales Designer positions. Participants are expected to have some related design, drafting, and/or CAD experience. But none of these endeavors are mandatory for taking the course.  This course consists of three (3) online meetings over the course of three weeks, for approximately 2 hours each. 

Next start date: August 22nd at 4pm EST.  View the full curriculum and register today



This program is for industry rookies aspiring to fill, or recently filling, a Sales Designer position. Also for veteran Sales Designers who haven't experienced formal kitchen and bath sales training. It is recommended that all participants have scored well on the DISC/TTI online test that specifically measures motivation. And, for rookies, either completed (a) the Basic Kitchen Design Course or (b) have at least one year industry experience working as a Design Assistant or Project Manager. But none of these endeavors are mandatory for taking the course.  This class will meet once a week five weeks for approximately 2 hours per session. 

Next start date: September 12th at 4pm EST.  View the full curriculum and register today



This program is designed for experienced Sales Designers seeking to be far more productive. For gaining the greatest value from the program, it is strongly recommended that attendees have completed The Fundamentals of Selling Online Course. The course will be held over 10 weeks with each weekly meeting lasting approximately two hours.

Next start date: October 2nd at 4pm EST.  View the curriculum and register today!


Attendees of this in person, three-day class held in Charlotte at the SEN Office, will walk away with not only a physical budget and profit plan, but a great understanding of how to accomplish this beneficial exercise in years to come. Space is limited to the first six firms.

Class runs November 13 - 15. Click here to register today! 


Request more information on SEN Education today.