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The future is now. The most complete, industry-specific software program to manage your business is here - NMS.         

SEN has invested in the development of this kitchen and bath  software that will revolutionize the industry. This exclusive system will allow you to accelerate your growth and profitability.

Unlike other partial management software programs, NMS has been created with the intellectual property of the SEN Design Group, the industry's first kitchen and bath buying group, embedded in its core. The “Good-Better-Best” Selling System serves as the centerpiece of the software, empowering sales designers to interactively budget kitchen and bath projects with consumers and secure retainers in typically one-half the time of conventional sales approaches. Because consumers are intimately involved in this budgeting process, and find comfort shopping within the dealership's wide product offerings, they are generally accepting of the final budget range. NMS will enhance the closing percentages of sales designers, increasing their annual income for those who are compensated by commission. 

NMS has the distinct potential to transform the business for kitchen and bath firm owners by integrating with Quickbooks and CAD systems, eliminating redundancies, increasing productivity, delivering superior customer service, and improving profitability. In fact, after recently demonstrating the software at KBIS, existing, as well as potential members, and industry pioneers agreed. This is construction project management software at its best - something we have all be waiting for. 

Consumers will see our Members as far more technologically advanced than their competitors, enabling them to gain significant market share. Along with NMS, Members can apply their kitchen and bath education to continue closing deals at a rapid pace.

NMS is now live and is available to all SEN Members, with three user licenses included in their monthly dues.

To view a previously recorded demonstration, or to register for a live demonstration, email us today!



For more information on how NMS can help your business become more efficient and productive, contact us today.