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John Lang Announced as KBDN Innovator

Feb 4, 2019 3:58:52 PM


The Innovators: 2018

KBDN highlights 50 top innovators whose work, creative talents, business acumen and professionalism are currently leading the way for the industry and elevating the kitchen and bath trade.

Lang-John-300x300John Lang

Coaching better business practices helps all designers succeed

Growing up in the family business – Bob Lang Appliances – set the foundation for John Lang’s entry into the kitchen and bath field. In 1985, John and his father attended the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Philadelphia, which launched John into the kitchen business. Since then, Lang has owned Lang’s Kitchen and Bath in Newtown, PA, specializing in creating rooms using the company’s “Signature 12 Step Process.” The team at Lang’s works as a unit, coordinating every detail, including design, project management, purchasing, scheduling and, with sub-contractors, installing.

Joining SEN Design Group in 1995 and applying its principles helped advance the business, and led to Lang joining the organization’s management team in 2008 as the only kitchen and bath industry-specific licensed professional business coach. His main goal as a business coach for SEN is to make sure kitchen and bath owners make real profits. Since the industry is so design oriented, Lang concentrates on making sure owners understand the numbers and correct gross profit margin.

During the recession of a few years ago, Lang actively coached 108 kitchen and bath dealers, and 102 of those dealers are still in business. Today, Lang splits his time between managing his design business and coaching up to 25 SEN members per month on how to make sustaining change to their businesses and help them grow and be profitable.

Time is valuable, and one thing Lang stresses is to not overwork. On average, the three team members at Lang’s only work about 45 hours per week and produce $2 million in income, due to the effective processes in place.