SEN Boot Camp: Project Management

Enhance your project management skills with SEN Design Group’s three-day Project Manager Boot Camp.

Who Should Attend?

  • Owners who are Project Managers
  • New Salespeople and Designers that will be or are involved in project management
  • New Project Managers or Installers who are advancing to become full-time Project Managers
  • Existing Salespeople who need project management training
  • Anyone on a career path to become a full-time Project Manager
  • Any company personnel that play a role in the installation process

Why Attend?

  • To learn on-site communication skills that reduce the punch list completion process
  • To increase your profits on existing sold projects through proper change order procedures
  • To learn more about the client emotional curve and how to use it to your advantage
  • To learn how to eliminate the need to constantly be putting out fires in your operation
  • To learn to successfully recruit and retain the best subcontractors, installers, and project managers
  • To understand how to take your Lead Carpenter to the next level of Project Management
  • To learn compensation and incentive programs that work for Project Managers & Owners
  • To get ready to expand your offerings (and profits) into profitable bathroom and remodeling offerings
  • To understand how to reduce the potential for missing or forgotten materials and tasks during the installation process
  • To successfully estimate, track all job costs, and totally job cost every project at completion
  • To gain the valuable support of your design staff and build a team spirit that will accomplish more together
  • To enhance your confidence to take on large jobs without the fear of disaster
  • To discover how to leave the office at the end of the day without worrying about the late night client calls
  • To learn how to ensure your job costs stay within budget
  • To learn proven estimating tricks and time savers from industry experts who have "been there"