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    Business Advisories 


    Vol. 1, Issue 01

    Many dealers have never experienced events that are in front of us today. Few have the first-hand experience of previous, economic downturns, which makes the strategic community of SEN a more valuable resource for all of us to leverage for assistance and to lean on in order to navigate these uncertain times.

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    Adjust Your Message

    Vol. 1, Issue 04

    How long will this coronavirus pandemic last? Bottom line: No one knows for sure. What is known is the advertising and marketing message used earlier this year won't work in this climate. The marketing plan and budget you developed for 2020 needs a significant overhaul for the remainder of this year.

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    A PPP Pandemic Fable

    Vol. 1, Issue 07

    Like many other SEN members, he applied for the Congress approved Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). He spent hours leading up to it reading about the subject, getting prepared, and gathering the necessary documents in a state of readiness.

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    Time for Right-Sizing

    Vol. 1, Issue 10

    Deemed "essential businesses” by some respected states, many kitchen and bath dealers chose the side of caution and allowed their employees to work remotely, while keeping their showrooms available only by appointment. Given the green light, we’re ready for some sense of normal.

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    The Priceless Value of Peer Groups

    Vol. 1, Issue 13

    Peer reviews or critiques are often an integral part of a peer group structure. These critiques held at a member's location peels back the curtain and provide the members a deep dive into the host's overall operation. Interviews with existing staff are often a part of the critique.  With an onsite review, peers can offer insights, advice, support, and encouragement, all for the benefit of the host company.

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    Pay Yourself First

    Vol. 1, Issue 16

    It's so easy to go down the wrong road in this business; so easy to be side-tracked that it takes 3-4 years before a kitchen and bath dealer may fully realize a wrong turn has been made. By then he may be trapped for some time – maybe several years - with that direction before he can be extricated. In the meantime, he, his staff, and his family suffer from the consequences. Has something like this ever happened to you?

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    Grounded, Not Dormant

    Vol. 1, Issue 02

    I haven’t heard the words “you’re grounded” since they were issued in my teen years by my parents. Now, years later, we hear the same decree, this time from our national, state, and local governments. Overnight our world is turned upside down. Regular activities and routines are everything but that. 

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    Budget: Crisis Style

    Vol. 1, Issue 05

    You need a budget for your business. That’s a true statement without a pandemic. With an epidemic, the need intensifies. If you don’t have one, relax, it’s never too late to start. Today is a new day. Take the first step, commit to one, develop one, now.

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    Teaching and Possibilities

    Vol. 1, Issue 08

    Yet, here we are, a new normal in our lives – at least for now. No doubt, this crisis has altered how our lives are lived and forced us into newly structured days and weeks. Even so, it would be a shame if we didn’t have some positive takeaways from this moment in time. Learnings that wouldn’t have occurred without this disruption in our lives.

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    Dedicated Day

    Vol. 1, Issue 11

    Placing flowers at the gravesites of a loved one has been a tradition of my wife's family for decades. The practice usually kicks into high gear the last weekend in May. And, it's no coincidence that this practice coincides with Memorial Day, a federal holiday observed on the last Monday in May. The flowers placed to honor those family members who faithfully served their country.

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    How to Manage Pandemic-Induced Stress

    Vol. 1, Issue 14

     Stress – we deal with some form of it every day. It impacts how we show up, our performance at work, and how we relate to our family, even our neighbors and friends. Stress affects your ability to think clearly, function productively, and live life abundantly.

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     How to Avoid Communication Breakdowns

    Vol. 1, Issue 17

    Perhaps you can think of plenty of examples in your organization where an idea, suggestion, or initiative was not met with the same excitement and acceptance as you expected. A lack of buy-in, confusion about the details, and unclear expectations or outcomes can create a frustrating experience for any leader.

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    Working From Home

    Vol. 1, Issue 03

    We’re forced to play multiple roles without ever leaving our homes. Parts are colliding, and maintaining those roles and keeping relationships intact are challenging. No wonder distilleries in most states are considered an essential business. Here are a few tips to assist you in being productive while grounded at home. You are not alone in this endeavor. 

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    A Crisis is an Opportunity

    Vol. 1, Issue 06

    Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, how are you leading? Are you taking advantage of the situation or, merely biding your time, hoping it will be over soon? During this worldwide crisis, we have two choices in front of us;  limp or run.

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    Time for Right-Sizing

    Vol. 1, Issue 09

    Very few businesses have successfully avoided the pandemic impact that has gripped the world. Pre-COVID-19 business conduct was far different than the current crisis. And, post-pandemic, will probably become different even more. It’s time to take the lead and make the necessary restructuring efforts to exit this crisis with maximum profitability in mind.

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    The First Appointment

    Vol. 1, Issue 12

    Prospects have questions, plenty of questions. "Are you the right fit?" "Are you the one?" The prospect doesn't want to do business with a know-it-all designer, which compounds the issue. They need and want help, yet desire a partner that will be a practical, objective guide in the process and assist in achieving the triple goal of performance value, investment value, and enjoyment in their finished space.

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    Tapping the Power of Profile Assessments

    Vol. 1, Issue 15

    Recruiting, hiring, and building a cohesive team should be a reasonably straightforward process. Ask any business owner, and they will say it is anything but that. Due to a lack of resources, most kitchen and bath owners or managers are unable to fund an HR department, so they assume the role—all without training, experience, or genuine desire.

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    The Up-Front Contract

    Vol. 1, Issue 18

    This “pre-game” meeting with a prospect establishes the rules of conduct and expectations for the both the prospect and salesperson. The outlined steps for a successful kitchen or bath project are clearly presented. Surprises and misunderstandings are addressed and either eliminated or minimized. A Sandler Up-Front Contract improves communications, and increases the chances of sales success while saving the salesperson precious time.

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