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BIZCON Announces Closing Keynote Shawn Ellis

By Becky Wiedemann on Jul 25, 2018 10:39:11 AM

Session: This Moment Matters

Shawn's Message: The missing link between where you are and where you want to be is rarely more information. It's implementation. How do you do better at that, one moment at a time?

Shawn Ellis--also known as "The Moment Guy--is an entrepreneur whose own stress level during the recession 10 years ago brought on an introspective journey that led to a major "A ha!" moment. 

His breakthrough was understanding the power of resilience, and how to use it to get things done in the face of whatever life and business throw your way. "It doesn’t matter how fired up you are or how brilliant your strategies are, if you can't implement when you’re laying on the ground."

Sound like something you’d like to hear more about? Us too. 

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BIZCON Announces Keynote Speaker Amanda Steinberg of DailyWorth

By Becky Wiedemann on Jul 9, 2018 12:20:50 PM

Session: The Money Game

Amanda’s Message: Don’t be Afraid of Your Finances

Amanda Steinberg knows a lot about money...and a lot about what it means to be worried you’re not handling your finances the right way.

Now a successful entrepreneur and founder of one the largest financial media companies, DailyWorth, Amanda started out sitting where you’re sitting, wondering why her income wasn’t translating into freedom from financial worry. 

That was before she turned her life around by changing how she thought about money...and starting helping people like you change the way you think about money. 

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Things to Do Before Putting Up That "Out of Office"

By Becky Wiedemann on Jun 15, 2018 3:49:33 PM

It's officially summer which means for many of us, it's time for a vacation! However, as a small business owner, it can be stressful even thinking about leaving the office for a week. Here are a few tips on preparing for your absence.

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BIZCON 2018 Registration Opens

By Becky Wiedemann on Jun 13, 2018 1:53:02 PM

October 4-5, Lost Pines Resort & Spa, Austin, TX

Do you feel like you’ve been thrown into a role you know very little about,
but where your success is both expected and necessary?

Are lingering, but seemingly unanswerable, business questions
about your kitchen and bath practice haunting your nightmares?

Would you give your kingdom for a decent mentor?

Do you long to commiserate and trade ideas with peers in the same position?

First, take a deep breath and relax — you’re not alone. Which is why we’ve created an event that’s going to answer all your questions, boost your career, and give you the confidence to lead like a badass boss.

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More Than Just a Buying Group...

By SEN Design Group on May 11, 2018 10:24:02 AM

SEN Is more than just a buying group. It's a business development group, dedicated to making its members more profitable and successful than ever before. With 6 Unfair Advantages, SEN Members rise above the competition by earning, and learning more. 

1. Financial Know-How 

We’ll help you get to know your numbers, discover what’s not working and learn how to make adjustments that keep the profit rolling in.

2. Purchasing Power

We give you access to reduced product rates and annual rebates that put your average margins way ahead of your competition.

3. Higher Gross-Profit Margins

We’ll help you learn how to market yourself in a way that proves your value and raises your gross profit margin.

4. Sales Professionalism 

Learn how to leverage a consumer-friendly sales process, develop better sales techniques, train recruits and turn prospects into repeat paying customers.

5. Strategic Community

By bringing our members together, we create a supportive community that works toward making everyone involved more profitable.

6. Automation

Our pooled resources allow SEN Design Group to produce revolutionary assets that every member can profit from.

That's it! It's that easy. Business owners who embrace and implement all 6 Unfair Advantages set the company up for true success..and turn it into an engine for wealth!

Want to jump in immediately? The last SEN Business School of 2018 is coming up this July. 

Complete Details & Link to Register Here

For more information on any of the Unfair Advantages a SEN Membership offers you, contact us! We're ready to help you earn more, and learn more. 


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