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Embracing the Pantone Color of the Year

Dec 21, 2017 12:45:19 PM

By now you have likely heard that the 2018 Color of the Year is Ultra Violet. It's a bright and vibrant color that brightens up this Winter season. 


However, you may be thinking, "There's no way I can design purple cabinets into my next project." While this color may not be prominent in some of your kitchen and bath designs, it is a great color to incorporate where you can. 

With changing trends, clients may be hesitant to commit to something like purple as a permanent staple in the kitchen. But, they may be open to gorgeous pops of color with changeable tapestries on the wall.

shutterstock_693493600.jpgThis curtain on the wall is a great way to not only add color to the room, but also to take up a blank space. This can be changed out for different seasons and trends all year round! 


This backsplash incorporates the color of the year in a decorative tiling pattern. If it seems like too much, picture just the hanging pendant light shade as another idea for a colorful accent. 


Additional options for adding color into the home include flowers and throw pillows! These are extremely temporary and are a great way to ease a client into pops of color. 


Use the color of the year as inspiration to try something new in 2018. And most importantly, have fun doing it! 

For additional information on the 2018 Color of the Year, click here.  

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