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Handling Objections Successfully

Jul 25, 2017 4:38:01 PM

More than likely, you've come up against ojbections from a client before. Maybe, more often than you'd like. But how you handle it can make the difference in ultimately gaining the sale, or not. Dale Carnegie has developed a powerful, structured response to handling objections and a few of the steps are outlined below.

  1. Restate the objection as a question. He wants us to do that to accomplish 3 objectives: First, to let the Client hear how hollow or trivial the objection actually sounds when repeated by you. Second, to make sure you heard the objection clearly and will deal with it appropriately. And third, to give your brain a few extra milliseconds to determine which is the best solution in dealing with this specific objection.

Here’s an example: “So in other words, Sarah, you would like just a little more time to think over this final plan, is that right?

  1. Empathize with your client. So gently agree with him or her. Presumably, you have been retained on the project, but your client is now balking about signing on the dotted line for the final plan and price.

It’s time to leverage the strong bond that you have no doubt created over the several appointments you have had together. Not give into this objection and immediately grant your client additional time to “think it over. “ If you let that client walk out the door now, anything can happen to postpone or even cancel the sale. It’s important for both parties to move forward now with confidence. As a professional salesperson, you need to take control of the situation and yet still be empathetic.

Here’s example of the recommended Step 2: “Indeed, kitchens certainly are a big investment, so I can understand how you would want to be sure this design is right for you.”

3. Ask in a caring voice. This is pivotal in Handling Objections because it flushes out what is probably the real objection. Ask this important question in a caring voice. For example, “Sarah, is there anything else that is causing you to hesitate at this moment?” If you have established a strong relationship with this client, reinforced by having been retained on the project, your client is likely going to feel compelled to own up to what is really on their minds such as: “Well yes, the final price is running about 10% higher than expected.”

4. Bury the smoke screen using the “why” technique. So, in this case study of handling a typical objection, the proper response would be: “But, Sarah, WHY do you feel this design may not be quite right when we have weighed the pros and cons of 2 other layouts only to keep coming back to this one?”

Now that you know the real reason behind the client’s “think it over’ reply, in Carnegie’s Step #5 it’s time to answer the true objection. Such as: Sarah, this overall design you prefer is costing about 10% more than originally budgeted because the Angled Island requires more Material Pieces, Mitre Cuts, and Labor time to assemble. If you are going to live in this kitchen for the next 20 years, you do want your island to be designed like this, don’t you?”

Professional salespeople know that people don’t buy logically. They buy out of sheer emotion. So once you have satisfactorily handled both the client’s “smoke screen” and true objections, you must motivate them to buy. And the best way to accomplish that is to paint a picture of them using, benefiting, and enjoying the new room. Then ask for the order … yet again.

Then follow up with a Trial Close: “You have worked hard to cover all the design details and get to this point, Sarah. Don’t you want to place the order tonight so you can begin enjoying the new room in just 3 more months?”

Memorize these steps. Then, practicing them in real time situations will sharpen your skill set for handling objections effectively!

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