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The Skill I Needed At My First Promotion - John O'Reilly and Nora DePalma

Oct 18, 2017 9:09:49 AM

John O'Reilly and Nora DePalma of NEXTGen sponsor O'Reilly DePalma discuss leadership and finance as areas they wish they knew more about before receiving their first promotions.

John O'ReillyJohn: Well before partnering with Nora, I spent two decades honing my skills as a trade magazine editor.  After my first promotion, I suddenly found I was no longer responsible for just my own performance, but also that of all the other, 20-something, junior editors. One day, they’re my pals; the next, my staff, looking skeptically to me for knowledge and direction. So I did what so many young managers do in that awkward situation: I delegated much of the work to myself, spending nights and weekends performing routine tasks I couldn’t bring myself to assign to others. In short, I learned the critical importance of task-delegation and time-management the hard way. Building a productive, effective team is one the most difficult tasks facing any young manager. But it is also one of the most rewarding — as well as essential to both professional and personal growth.

Nora DePalmaNora: When I first took over brand management for a large company, I was woefully unskilled in accounting and finance. I not only didn't understand GAAP, I didn't even know there was such a thing as GAAP. Other than the BIG gap I had in understanding! Looking back on it, I wished that my college, and even my high school, had more business-management classes as part of the core curriculum. But also looking back on it, I realize that core business skills need to be refreshed and updated throughout a business career. Learning never ends.

Why Is It Important for O'Reilly DePalma to Sponsor NEXTgen?

We are a public relations agency specializing in the design and construction industry. Our clients succeed when their products are sold and influenced by well-run businesses that earn consumer confidence. Our many friends who are kitchen and bath entrepreneurs build a better life for their families and teams when their businesses are financially secure. They enjoy a better quality of life when their businesses enable a healthy work/life balance. 

We admire Leah and the entire SEN Design Group team for taking on the task of helping the next generation of kitchen and bath professionals to improve their business skills. See you in Austin!

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