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Business Advisory Vol. 01 Issue 29

By Dan Luck on Oct 7, 2020 4:10:38 PM

Is There Truly Forgiveness with The Paycheck Protection Program?

Think back to five months ago, specifically to the third or fourth week of April. What were you doing? Do you remember? If you were like me, you were doing some head-scratching and scrambling to fill out an application for a newly structured government program called the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). The program was designed to help businesses survive the pandemic while keeping their teams intact.

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Business Advisory Vol. 01 Issue 28

By Dan Luck on Sep 22, 2020 2:32:33 PM

Tips for Listening While You Work

It seemed like a reasonable request: “I’d like to have a magnetic sign made that I can place on the sides of my car that identifies and promotes the company I work for.” That proposal from a salesperson to his direct supervisor seemed innocent enough, except it initially fell on deaf ears. For whatever reason, either it did not seem important at the time, the request wasn’t fully understood, or quite simply, it fell victim to procrastination.

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Business Advisory Vol. 01 Issue 27

By Dan Luck on Sep 22, 2020 2:27:22 PM

Tips for Dealing with Covid-19 Adversity

It’s in the air, you can feel it. Everyone senses it. Conversations are getting shorter and a little more tense. Body language is speaking differently than what was communicated six months ago or more. You can feel the tension rising. Everyone is on edge, waiting for the proverbial next shoe to drop.

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Business Advisory Vol. 01 Issue 26

By Dan Luck on Sep 8, 2020 9:26:46 AM

Taking Your Company's Pulse on Covid-19 Impact

Scheduling an annual medical physical is a ritual designed to maintain and ensure a healthy body. The yearly physical is also the opportunity to address any concerns and review markers that tell a story of a healthy body - or one that is not. Ears, eyes, and throat are checked, blood pressure taken, the heart examined, and blood drawn for tests. Six months into the Covid-19 crisis, why not do a similar physical on your business to check its health?

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Business Advisory Vol. 01 Issue 25

By Dan Luck on Sep 8, 2020 9:20:40 AM

Discovering Your Key Economic Driver

Can you remember what you were doing one year ago? Probably not wearing a mask. Your business was perhaps chugging along just fine without any worries about a little virus called COVID-19. A year ago, any mention of COVID-19 would have resulted in a response of "COVID who?"  

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