A Little About Us 

Imagine a company with a vision of fundamentally changing an industry, and the retail firms who dominate it, by empowering them to accelerate their growth and better their bottom lines. Intellectual capital, industry-specific education programs, management/marketing tools, passion and strong relationships, these are the company’s core values that are leveraged to achieve its goals. Welcome to SEN.


Whether we were born and raised in the field, or entered into this space on our own avail, it's our passion for this wonderful industry that keeps us here. From sweeping showroom floors to big box retail meetings, we've been there and done that. We've seen it all. SEN offers the kitchen and bath industry a host of sales, financial, operational, marketing and management expertise - much of it industry-specific - to share, if and when you're ready to leverage it and reduce the learning curveWe are primed to help you quickly fit all the puzzle pieces together for scaling up your business growth and profitability.

    • DSC_6585-3.jpg Ken Peterson, CKD
      President & Founder
    • DSC_4357.jpg Dan Luck
      Senior Vice President
    • DSC_6468.jpg Jenny Catalano
      Director of Operations
    • John color.png John Lang, LPBC
      Director of Business Coaching
    • DSC_6526 Greg Stebbins
      Director of Member & Vendor Development
    • Amy Web
      Amy Alberta
      Accounting Coordinator