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Our industry is highly segmented, which means we’ve fallen behind in emerging technologies. Real developments have grown stagnant since CAD was introduced over 30 years ago. When you’re an independent operation, there’s only so much you can afford to invest in to bring your business up to speed.


SEN NMS is the most complete business software program designed specifically just for you. Tailored for the industry and your business, this exclusive system will allow you to substantially accelerate your revenue growth and profitability, while making you and your team far more productiveBecause it's cloud-based, your team can access client projects from anywhere in the world where there internet connectivity. And you can receive updated management reports on your company's performance while traveling or on vacation.

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"Our industry finally has the software (SEN NMS) that will drastically impact the way we do business today and into the future."  - Dan Luck, Bella Domicile, Madison, WI 

The latest platform, called NMS Express, is loaded with SEN-recommended forms, letters, and email templates. To personalize, you need only to add your company logo. It's incredibly easy to implement, learn, and use.

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“Just wanted to let you know how impressive NMS Express and the changes you have made are. The changes and advances are remarkable and major. Very Well Done! Between Express and the LMS [Learning Management System], I believe it is ready for mass acceptance and Implementation."  - Warren Smith CMKBD, CAPS, Kitchen & Bath Restylers, Kennewick, WA   

An Onsite Training Service, conducted by Director of Training Jodi Tramontin CMKBD,
 can get NMS Express bolted onto your business in just two (2) days for a very modest charge. Imagine 21st Century business automation to zoom your company past all competitors!" Click here for a video review.


“I started using NMS Express in January. Jodi did a 2 day onsite training with us and it has been our operating system ever since. It truly does everything we need. And it keeps an unorganized guy, like myself, organized! I just signed my first full kitchen remodel contract using the SEN/NMS Express [Good-Better-Best] model from start to finish. It was an $83,000 sale!” Stephen Pate, Providence Cabinetry & Design, Decatur, AL 


There's also an online Learning Management System (LMS) with 50+ short videos. It serves as a wonderful resource for both continuing education, as new software features and releases come out every month, and for getting new hires quickly up to speed with your operating system.

“The [LMS] videos were great! Very well done. Length and information shared was spot on. The brevity of three questions was good. The flow of information was good. I like that with the shorter, logically labeled videos that it is easy to go back for refreshers. My associate echoed that most of the information mirrored what was on the other longer videos. Keep up the great work! I look forward to getting a true snapshot of our business with all of our various "branches" and adding the Quick Books module to really be able to track our trajectory to success!"  - Dani Polidor ASID, BD, CKD, CBD, CAPS, Suite Artistry Pittsford, NY

Unlike other partial, competitive programs, NMS Express has been created with the intellectual property of the SEN Design Group embedded in its core. The exclusive “Good-Better-Best” (GBB) Selling System serves as the centerpiece of the software, empowering sales designers to interactively budget kitchen and bath projects with consumers and secure retainers in typically one-half the time of conventional sales approaches. Because consumers are intimately involved in this budgeting process, and find comfort shopping within the dealership's wide product offerings, they are generally accepting of the final budget range. NMS Express will enhance the closing percentages of sales designers, increasing their annual income for those who are compensated by commission. 

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“After an introduction to the good, better, best philosophy, I realized how powerful the first hour of speaking to a potential client could be using this "speed dating" approach. Our "First Date" includes a focused, transparent, and accurate budget outline.  With, of course, a tease of design, product knowledge, and an infomercial about our Company.  This has allowed us to cut our pre-commitment time by 75%, get in-front of more people, and get that deposit we all crave. I never would have thought a change spending less time with someone would produce so much more. Thanks, SEN!!”   – Bob Amberg, Certified Kitchens, Inc, Edison, NJ 

NMS Express has the distinct potential to transform the business for kitchen and bath firm owners by integrating with QuickBooks and CAD systems, eliminating redundancies, increasing productivity, generating considerably more revenue, delivering superior customer service, and improving profitability.

Consumers will see SEN Members as far more technologically advanced than their competitors, enabling them to gain significant market share. Indeed, many sales designers adopting the GBB budgeting module as part of the SEN Selling System are experiencing the doubling - even tripling - of their sales volumes. And at higher gross margins! Along with SEN NMS Express, members can apply their kitchen and bath education to continue closing deals at a rapid pace.

Three user NMS Express licenses - for the CRM to Contract modules - are included in SEN monthly membership dues. Additional licenses, post-sale production scheduling module, and Quickbooks integration are available at modest charges.

To view a previously recorded demonstration, or to register for a live demonstration, email us today!

Here's a quick overview video of what NMS Express can cover in automating your business.