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Sales Professionalism

We get it. You want your kitchen and bath design work to sell itself. However, even some of the best designers and builders could benefit from a well-thought out sales approach. When the economy isn’t doing too well, you need to motivate prospects to buy. And when it’s flourishing, you have to know who the best hires are to deliver on promises. That’s where our in-depth, educational sales training program comes in, and when your sales and gross profit margins really start going up.



Pretty sure we would all like more sales, even more sure we want a full pipeline of leads for each and every one of our designers. And it would be dreamy if every designer used the same sales process in order to more effectively measure your businesses success and designer's effectiveness. Perhaps you'd like to more effectively manage your team. 

For years, SEN has been the resource for educating sales designers and their leadership on the Good-Best-Best Selling System. Coming this Spring, is a brand new, completely revised Sales Training Program exclusive to SEN. 

Stay in touch for all the details!



Hire right, the first time! For years, companies have utilized personality tests to measure a potential new hire's fit in the role and on the team. Now, a personality test is just one portion of a far more extensive report on your potential hires and existing team personnel when they go through SEN Profiling. SEN Profiling leverages researched and applied social and brain science, creating behavioral and motivational assessments to hire, develop, and retain the best talent in the world.

Ask about our industry-specific benchmark profiles such as Bookkeeper and Sales Designer. 

For more information on Sales Professionalism available through SEN, contact us today.