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A Strategic Community 

Being independent is good. Being too independent can be isolating.

More than 25 years ago, SEN learned how other U.S. business categories such as appliances, and plumbing, and other kitchen dealers in European countries, had far more profitable operations when they were involved in strategic buying groups. The members' businesses prospered when they opened themselves up to engaging and learning from others. That's what prompted SEN to establish in 1994 the first buying group in the U.S. kitchen and bath industry.

It's healthy to hear the challenges and opportunities of other business owners, especially of those in our industry. It means so much more when we can speak the jargon or understand the short hand of our colleagues. By bringing our members together, SEN creates a supportive community that evokes trust and respect, and upholds confidentiality

Many members of buying groups consider the rebates earned as “icing on the cake,” even if they amount to tens of thousands of dollars annually. These members consider the knowledge, training, strategies, relationships, and tools gained from their group affiliation to be the “cake.” 


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There are two SEN Semi-Annual Conferences held each year across the country. Each conference gives SEN Members the opportunity to participate in:

  • World-class Keynote SpeakersScreen Shot 2018-03-07 at 5.33.57 PM.png
  • Dealer and/or Sales Roundtables
  • 6+ Hours of Workshops
  • Product & Trend Seminars 
  • Tabletop Meetings with Vendor Partners 
  • And Optional Interactive Product or Sales Training 

More information about our upcoming conferences, including an agenda and link to register, can be found here.