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Vendor Partnership

Here are your own 6 Unfair Advantages for joining SEN today: 

      1. Good business people partner with good companies. Our Members are here to learn and to grow their businesses. For you, that means they're smarter, understand the in's and out's of a successful operation, and will be better long-term performers. 

      2. We are your cheerleaders. SEN's Product Coaching requires us to be fluent on your product, service and offering. Feel free to consider us part of your sales and customer support team. 

      3. Together, we enhance the industry. We only partner with businesses that align with our core values and mission. You bring the goods, we bring the guts, and the industry we both adore excels. 

      4. Reach dealers at a fraction of the cost. Whether it be at our semi-annual conferences, email marketing or SENtelligence Library webinars,  your investment in the Group will cost you far less than to start from scratch with 200 dealers.   

      5. SEN Vendor Partners have averaged about 22% higher sales with SEN Members. When was the last time you had 22% growth?   

      6. They're yours for life. Members love nothing more than to share positive stories about amazing vendor partners that help improve their businesses. Support our members on their educational journey, or even help them displace the local competition, and you'll earn          customers for life. 

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For more information on becoming a SEN Vendor Partner, please contact Greg Stebbins, Director of Member and Vendor Development.